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91 MINUTE HD VIDEO - See how Steve tackles a large, deep reservoir that he's never fished before. To add to the challenge it was bitterly cold with bright sunshine and very little wind.


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A warm welcome to Issue 12 of Feeder Fishing with Steve Ringer. Steve now presents Feeder Fishing every month and his aim is to bring you the very best information to help take your feeder fishing to the next level.

Steve is the best feeder angler in the world and to have the unique opportunity to share his practice sessions is incredible and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy filming them and putting them together.


" Today is going to be very interesting because we've got permission from Burton Mutual AA to fish and film at the awesome looking Staunton Harold Reservoir. It's a huge reservoir near Melbourne in Derbyshire, and fishing is allowed on one bank but because of the size, there are plenty of swims available. You can fish here on a day ticket but you can't get them on the bank, you have to collect your ticket from Melbourne Tackle beforehand so please bear that in mind.


And my first impressions are that I just can't wait to get fishing because it's a large natural venue with roach, skimmers, bream and hybrids the target, but it's absolutely freezing January day and it has been like this for a few days prior too so it could really be feast or famine today. After chatting with a couple of anglers who fish the venue regularly, I've decided to fish peg 58 on the Farmyard stretch and I've been told that to find the deep water I'll need to cast quite a way to get over the ledge."

Steve Ringer



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