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90 MINUTE HD VIDEO - In this issue Steve is fishing one of the syndicate lakes at Packington Somers, where he shows us the approach he uses to catch roach. Everything is explained as the session progresses and it's an issue that really can't be missed!


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A warm welcome to Issue 18 of Feeder Fishing with Steve Ringer. Steve now presents Feeder Fishing every month and his aim is to bring you the very best information to help take your feeder fishing to the next level.

Steve is the best feeder angler in the world and to have the unique opportunity to share his practice sessions is incredible and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy filming them and putting them together.


"The target today is to catch roach, and that’s the main reason I’ve brought you along to Broadwater Lake. After chatting with John Burchill, the Packington Somers fishery manager, he suggested this would be a great place to demonstrate how to catch this species on the feeder. Although the lake has a good head of roach that are seldom fished for, conditions are against us as it’s gone really cold. We’ve also had a couple of weeks of constant rain which has coloured the water, compared to its usual colour, and that means cold water has been getting in which could make the fish reluctant to feed. It will be interesting session that's for sure so hope you join me and see how I go about catching roach on a Window feeder. "

Steve Ringer


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Issue 18 - VIDEO CLIP