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112 MINUTE HD VIDEO - Steve is at Meadowlands near Coventry for this issue, where he'll be showing you all his tips and tricks for catching carp from both the far and near bank margins.


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A warm welcome to Issue 16 of Feeder Fishing with Steve Ringer. Steve now presents Feeder Fishing every month and his aim is to bring you the very best information to help take your feeder fishing to the next level.

Steve is the best feeder angler in the world and to have the unique opportunity to share his practice sessions is incredible and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy filming them and putting them together.


"Issue 16 is all about carp fishing and at Meadowlands at this time of year (and it's the same on many other venues with carp in) to win matches or frame, you need to catch carp. I chose a peg for filming at the narrow end of the lake (closest to the main road) which was just past peg 'E', and I selected here because it's narrower than the rest of the lake which enabled me to cast to the far bank.


The aim is to show you how I go about fishing the margins in shallow water for carp and the peg provided plenty of options and lots of areas around the margins I could cast to. I was counting the far bank as a margin so this issue is all about catching carp tight to the bank in very shallow water. I could see fish cruising around so I knew there were fish in the corner, but the wind was blowing into the other end of the lake and that definitely took a few fish with it. I was fishing a two-line approach for the session so join me for some great carp fishing action from water just a few inches deep."

Steve Ringer


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Issue 16 - VIDEO CLIP