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91 MINUTE HD VIDEO - Steve is back at Barston in this issue to demonstrate his 'dobbing' tactic which is very effective at this time of year. However, it also pays to be adaptable because when plan A doesn't work, you need to think on your feet to catch in tricky conditions.


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A warm welcome to Issue 20 of Feeder Fishing with Steve Ringer. Steve now presents Feeder Fishing every month and his aim is to bring you the very best information to help take your feeder fishing to the next level.

Steve is the best feeder angler in the world and to have the unique opportunity to share his practice sessions is incredible and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy filming them and putting them together.


"It’s the third week of March at the time of filming this episode, and after a few days of mild tempertures it was easy to think that spring was finally here... Not on the day of our filming though! We were greeted at Barston by a covering of fine, misty rain and the temperature had plummeted compared to the previous few days and, driving to the venue at 8am, the dial in the car read 5 degrees and it wasn’t forecast to get much higher than that during the day. So, it was going to be tough but Barston is one of those venues that will produce a few bites when others fail to do so.


Target species were carp and I really wanted to show you my tactics for catching carp at this time of year because it is different now that spring is arriving… although you would never think that today! The approach I wanted to show is what I call ‘dobbing’ for carp as it entails casting to different areas of the swim with small amounts of bait. The idea is to literally drop the bait right in front of a fish and hopefully it will be tempted to eat my hookbait when it gets a small taste of the pellets I’ll be loading onto my feeder. So grab a cup of tea and join me, it was certainly an interesting session."

Steve Ringer


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Issue 20 - VIDEO CLIP